The Badlands

February 25th, 2007 + 8:02 PM  ·  justintyhme

He found it in the Badlands
Sparkling in the desert sand
Just an old shot glass
My friend

Told me bout a movie star
Met the reaper didnít get that far
And all his Hollywood buddies
Met at the place he crashed his car

And they all gathered in the sand
Each had a shot glass in his right hand
They were drinking coke and crown
They held it up and drank it down

Iíve got a feeling youíve been here before
Was it you who met the reaper at the door
Every night you saddle up that white horse in your dreams
Put on your long tall hat and chase your memories

Iíve got a silent movie
Playing in my mind
Itís been tainted
By the stains of time

Iíve been all around the world
And Iíve seen all kinds of signs
Never comprehending
All the things Iíll never find

Every time I hold it up
Iíll toast the memory
Every time I drink it down
It knocks me to my knees


December 20th, 2006 + 11:12 PM  ·  justintyhme

Every night itís the same old thing
Heís there before the first bell rings
All night long he plays the dogs
And he says he can beat the odds

Rabbit runs the dog gets burned
Bumped in the corner in the second turn
Throws his tickets on the ground
The bartender buys him one more round


We played golf at Papago
You could see the track from the 18th hole
Across the street the credit window
Heíd get money than he should owe

Buy a program, figure the stats
Heíd say thatís just a matter of math
Throws his tickets on the ground
The bartender buys him one more round


S.R.P. turned off his lights
Lost his job and lost his wife
She took the kids and moved to Idaho
Heíll be back to the track again I know
Shouting 1 3 8 dog come Ďon greyhound go

Any day

December 9th, 2006 + 9:12 PM  ·  justintyhme

Lost all my direction
Like a feather in the wind
I lost my concentration
From the moment you walked in

Reality's perception
My illusion's wearing thin
If Iím not the man your after
Iíll always think I should have been

Loneliness my affliction
My cure was so long gone
Then I saw you on the dance floor
Dancing to the song


All the busted pieces
Of my life are scattered round
Some are lost forever
And never will be found

In the bag that holds my puzzle
There are pieces that are wrong
They could never fit together
Thereís some that donít belong

Bartender, pour me one
Just like the other one
Tonight Iím hanging
With my old friend Jose Cuervo


Any day any day
Iíll find a way
Just like John Wayne
Iíll save the day
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